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Support for Industry Initiatives

Eurescom offers comprehensive support services to industry initiatives, fora, consortia, associations, and other organisations in the ICT sector with a need for support on a technical or management level.

Eurescom's services include establishing the organisational structure and working procedures, the provision of meeting facilities and office space, and the management of the organisation's activities. Our services will be customised according to your needs.

Eurescom's experience in managing large distributed research and development programmes in telecommunications will contribute to the success of your initiative.

Please send an e-mail to, or call Mr. Milon Gupta at +49 6221 989-121, if you are interested in our secretariat services


We have been providing secretariat services to the following organisations
Eureka cluster project CELTIC
Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF)
Digital Media Project

OSA/Parlay Product Overview

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