P460SI EMMA - European Multimedia Experiments in an ATM Environment

The European ATM Pilot Network planned to be operational by summer 1994 for a period of one year with a possible extension will provide the opportunity to check proposed international ITU recommendations and ETSI standards as well as relevant EURESCOM specifications (i.e. results of P105). This network, which will be the first B-ISDN based on ATM at European level, will enable the standards to be interpreted in an unambiguous manner, which is essential to the achievement of international interoperability.

The ATM Pilot Network will be used to validate the technical and standards issues involved in the support of benchmark services internationally. The following have been identified as benchmark services:

The ATM Pilot will facilitate initial experimentation with the aim of developing technical solutions for potential future services/applications.

This ATM Pilot Network calls for the definition of a meaningful traffic to give answers to a series of questions the PNOs are raising from a business and performance perspective in the emerging deregulated European telecommunications environment.

Multimedia applications are considered to be one of the driving forces behind future services and network evolution, and an important revenue generator for the PNOs. A focusing on experiments on selected multimedia services will offer a feedback to the PNOs both on the services they need to offer in the future in order to remain competitive at a later stage, as well as on the network performance required for such services.

An important goal is to understand the required generic components, value added services for B-ISDN, possible mechanisms to offer such services, and the technical solutions in order to introduce multimedia-based communications, and enable the development of multimedia applications at this scale.

At this stage the PNOs requirements for developing European services and networks can best be met by collaborative work. It is the assumption that at this pre-competitive era the definition of objectives should be beneficial to the PNOs as a group, and should be including among other things, views on:

A true traffic generator application, involving a distributed user group within the PNOs, at European level, will help understand users' behaviour, their needs, and estimate the future users' requirements.

It is essential that applications are mapped against the important parameters defining the European networking requirements, i.e.: bitrate, routing, traffic characteristics (bursty, continuous, asymmetric, etc.), QoS, connection duration, call frequency, etc. The statistics and measurements will strengthen the ties to actual user requirements and network services in the European ATM Pilot Network.

The main objectives of this project are to:

Multimedia experiments have significant network related research content and will thus play a feedback role for ongoing work on network issues.

In order to offer support to a multitude of applications, generic multimedia applications are needed as building blocks for applications' development. It is also mandatory that selected generic applications can be offered in a multivendor environment.

In formulating the objectives, the tight time schedule the European ATM Pilot Network is imposing was considered. This requires to start with available components at the levels of access networks and applications.

Considering the EURESCOM General Framework, this project will address the two focal points:


Duration - Project start: Jul 94 - Project completion: Apr 96

Results for Full Publication - None