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 Projects and Studies


Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1996

Project number Title
P604 Enhanced Europe-wide supplementary services: Phase 2
P605 JUPITER (Joint Usability, Performability and Interoberability Trials in EuRope)
P606 CTM; Phase 2
P607   Top-down approach applied to multimedia services
P608 TINA concepts for third generation mobile systems
P609 TMN specification support
P610 Management of multimedia services
P611 Overall Strategic Studies - IV
P612 X-interface for trouble ticketing and Freephone service management
P613 Methods and tools for ATM Network Integration Testing
P614 Implementation strategies for advanced access networks
P615 Evolution towards an optical network layer
P616 Enhanced ATM implementation issues
P617 Evaluation of high performance databases for interactive services
P618 Advanced document handling environments for PNOs
P619 PNO - Suppliers Technical Interfaces
P660SI Secure Network Demonstrator