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 Projects and Studies

Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1995

Project number Title
P501 Pre-Study on telecommunications and the environment
P502 Multilingual interactive voice activated telephone services
P503 Definition of a European multi-application IC-card
P504 Euresmail - a harmonised Europe wide E-mail service
P505 Wide area CSCW: tools and applications
P506 Harmonisation/Integration of B-ISDN and IN
P507 Mobility Applications Integration in Intelligent Network
P508 Evolution, migration paths and inter working with TINA
P509 Handling service interaction in the Service Life-Cycle
P510 Pre-study on options for the evaluation of PEIN services
P511 Overall Strategic Studies - III
P512 Pre-study on the prevention and limitation of telecommunications fraud
P513 Enhancement of SDH networks
P514 Common channel signalling network dependability studies
P515 European switched VC based ATM network studies - Stage 2
P516 Telecom Software Validation Procedure
P517 Foresight Study on distributed object-oriented computing
P518 Telecommunications and the Environment
P519 Numbering in a liberalised telecommunications market
P520 Demonstration of IC-cards for authentication
S51 PSTN Terminals:evolution or stagnation

Fact-finding Study on World - Wide - Web and the Role of the PNOs