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 Projects and Studies

Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1994

P401 Definition of a pan-European IC Card
P402 A User-Centred Approach to the Specification of Telecommunication Services
P403 Enhanced Pan-European Supplementary Services
P404 Broadband Services for Residential Users
P405 Pre-study on Service Creation Procedures and Environment Requirements
P406 TMN Management of pan-European IN based Freephone Service
P407 Specification of TMN X-interface for Charging, Billing and Accounting
P408 Pan-European TMN-Experiments and Field Trial Support
P409 Protection, Performance and Synchronisation of pan-European SDH Network
P410 End-to-End Service Testing for pan-European ATM Networks
P412 Methodology and Tools for ISDN Network Integration and Traffic Route Testing
P413 Optical Networking
P414 TMN Guidelines
P415 Study on European Numbering Issues
P416 Europe-wide Directory Services - Pilot Phase
P460SI European Multimedia Experiments in an ATM environment (EMMA)
S41 Fact-finding Study on Europe-wide TTP (Trusted Third Party) Security Service