Studies started in year:
 Projects and Studies

Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1993

P301 Frame Relay Network-to-Network Interface Definition
P302 European switched VC-based ATM Network Studies
P303 Pre-study on Technologies for Local Access/Distribution
P304 Pre-study into Automated pan-European Network Planning
P305 Usability of future pan-European Telecommunication Services
P306 Access Networks Evolution and Preparation for Implementation
P307 Reliability Engineering
P308 Methods and Specifications for Tools to Dimension Intelligent Networks
P309 Pan-European Directory Services
P311 Overall Strategic Studies - II
P360SI Integrated Multimedia Services at 1 Mbit/s (Demonstration Phase)
P361SI Pan-European Voice Mail Service
P362SI European Contribution to a global VPN Service
S31 Fact-finding Study on Wide Area CSCW
S32 Fact-finding Study on Reference and Simulation Environment for SS7
S33 Fact-finding Study on Telecommunications for disabled and elderly People in Europe
S34 Fact-finding Study on Interactive Voice Response (IVR)