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 Projects and Studies


Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1992

P201 IN and TMN Service Testing
P202 Joint Co-operative Management Services Definition and Evolution
P203 TMN Organisational Model
P208 TMN Operations Systems Platform
P223 TMN Guidelines and Information Model
P225 Management of Interconnected SS7 Signalling Networks
P226 TMN Management of IN-based Services and Mobility of pan-European IN based Services
P227 Software Quality Assurance
P230 Enabling pan-European Services by Co-operation between PNOs' IN Platforms
P231 Pre-study on Optical Access and Core Networks
P232 Studies on B-ISDN Signalling
P233 Pan-European Directory Services - Phase I
P234 Authentication Services
S21 Fact-finding Study on Network Dimensioning Tools for IN
S22 Fact-finding Study on Gigabit Networks
S23 Fact-finding Study on Requirements on Databases for Telecom Services
S24 Fact-finding Study on Recommendations on EURESCOM Software Practices
S26 Fact-finding Study on Reliability Engineering for Future Telecommunication Networks and Services