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Community Interactions
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Peter Stollenmayer
Programme Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information


The topic of this study is not to develop new technologies, but to exploit innovative ways to use them within a community and to allow to have fun by doing so. The main questions are:

  • Which innovative community-enabled solutions for the consumer market can the telcos offer in the near term future?

  • Which technological developments will enable such improved community solutions?

  • How can revenue, profit and reputation of telcos be improved by communities?

What is this Study about?

Focus of this Study is to support the development of innovative community-enabling solutions. It will address the consumer market. New and better networks and tools will allow in the future for better user interfaces, more and innovative functionality and better performance of community solutions. This will make it easier to set-up and run communities, as well as enhancing the experience of being part of a community. To telcos the evolution from a simple one-to-one communication model to a group interaction model has several pitfalls and to many in the industry it runs the risk of cannibalizing instead of increasing revenues. Anyone looking to bring to market such a solution will have to provide strong arguments regarding its potential for new revenue. In this context it is equally important to address new, emerging technology enablers that facilitate group interaction using all modes of communication known and accepted by consumers.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

  • Briefly set the scene with an introduction to the concept of community interaction from a telco point of view and give an overview of the current community landscape ·

  • Develop deep dive scenarios for 2-3 forms of communities which are commercially promising ·

  • Market and business considerations (e.g. initial segmentation, value chain, potential ARPU) for promising community solutions. The main concern here is the issue whether accepting group interaction as a communication model leads to a cannibalization of returns or to new and higher returns. ·

  • Identify and assess technology enablers and tools for new or improved, innovative community solutions ·

  • Produce practical recommendations for decision makers on various levels within telcos.

Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Issue date
Community interaction – a source of new revenues for Telcos? (Word document) D1 March 2006
Community interaction – a source of new revenues for Telcos? (Powerpoint presentation) D2 March 2006