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WiMAP – WiMAX for Mobile Applications
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Uwe Herzog
Programme Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about?

WiMAX with full mobility can be an alternative to existing and evolving mobile networks. This can be either a complement or a threat for incumbents’ mobile operations (GSM, UMTS). WiMAX with full mobility needs an extensive co-operation in the standardisation and development process, and agreements on hand-over and roaming.
IEEE 802.16e uses OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) modulation whereas 3G systems are generally based on CDMA. OFDMA certainly offers a range of advantages over CDMA, e.g. those regarding propagation characteristics. However, available frequency bands for WiMAX are less favourable for radiowave propagation than the 2 GHz band allocated for UMTS. These differences pose interesting technical questions and affect the techno-economics of both solutions.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

  • Conduct a technical analysis of the mobile WiMAX standard, its current status and what is to be expected in future developments (at the IEEE and WiMAX Forum and in the vendor arena).
  • Analyse the technical and economical feasibility of mobile WiMAX in a selected set of deployment scenarios, particularly in urban/suburban areas
  • Analyse the financial benefits of using mobile WiMAX in technically feasible scenarios
  • Assess the threats imposed by mobile WiMAX to other technologies such as UMTS
  • Give an overview of the regulatory environment of mobile WiMAX in a common European context as well as in a selected set of individual countries


Project Results