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NGN signalling with ENUM
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Adam Kapovits
Programme Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about?

There are a number of ongoing international activities aiming to standardise ENUM at different standardisation bodies and ENUM is currently being trialled in different countries. It is necessary that operators take a step back, review all these efforts and the lessons learned and assess the strategic impact of ENUM on their networks.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

The study will focus on “infrastructure/operator ENUM” and will develop a strategic vision regarding that. However, it will also provide a summary of the issues concerning “user/public ENUM”.
In detail the study should clarify the impact of ENUM on telcos network and collect experiences gained and “best practice” approaches established through national initiatives with regard to ENUM.
In particular, the study intends to clarify the role of PSTN (SS7) in a NGN architecture supported by ENUM.

  • The interoperation of PSTN and IP with regard to SS7 functionalities realised with ENUM will be investigated (an approach from the SS7 world)
  • Evaluate the usage of ENUM to discover cross border services and to analyse the interworking between different service providers and/or services
  • How can MMS, or SMS messages be delivered through different networks (e.g. messaging services: MMS, E-Mail, Voicemail, SMS, etc.)?
  • Scenarios how the interworking between PSTN and IP based services takes place will be identified (an approach from the IP-World).
  • e.g. voice services: VoIP, IMS, Softswitch/Media-Gateways, SIP Proxies, Voice portals, etc.
The study will also provide an overview of unique solutions that can only be realised with the help of ENUM. In the course of that
  • the advantages of using ENUM – maybe in combination with other technologies – will be highlighted, and
  • critical points concerning ENUM and scenarios will be documented, where ENUM is not the best solution.

What are the key results for this Project?

The will support operators to understand the impact of ENUM on their networks by clarifying interoperability issues between the currently used signalling and addressing systems and an ENUM based one, and position themselves with regard to ENUM.


What relationship exists to other organisations or bodies?

The study closely follows international standardisation of ENUM.


Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Issue date
How ENUM influences the Next Generation Network D1

January 2005

How ENUM influences the Next Generation Network (presentation) D2

November 2004