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TelCo Grid – Business Opportunities for Telecom Operators in the Grid market
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Adam Kapovits
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information

What is this Project about?

Grids are collections of computer resources owned by multiple organisations that are coordinated to solve a common problem. These resources can be computers, collectively running extremely large parallel-processing programs – typically used to solve large-scale scientific or engineering problems. Another type of grid hosts a very large collection of data by spreading it across many systems. Regardless of type, the key aspects of a grid are multiple resource ownership and a single purpose – this distinguishes grids from previous distributed- or networked-computing models.

Grid computing is an important technology of immediate value for scientific and technical computing applications with a need for very high power computation, the storage and manipulation of large amounts of data or collaboration across multiple organisations to achieve results that could not be obtained by a single organisation working in isolation. Grid is happening today inside the enterprises in a growing number of industry sectors. A natural extension of this take-up is the development of cross company collaborations or virtual organisations.

Although grids, and grid technology, will be applied in commercial computing applications, organisations should not assume that the success in academic and scientific fields can be easily or quickly replicated in the commercial world. A realistic assessment of grid computing is needed.

Telecom operators can play an important role in the emerging Grid market, as they own networks and computing resources. Furthermore, they have established customer relationships and they have accounting/ billing experience. These factors enable telecom operators to become resource providers, brokers and/or the users of Grids.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

  • Structuring and categorising existing and upcoming Grid services

  •  Analysis of the state of the art Grid activities (R&D sector, science, commercial usage)

  • Identifying the technical challenges/gaps

  • Identifying usage scenarios

  • Discovering the most likely applications that will benefit from the use of grid technology

  • SWOT analysis from a Telco perspective of the Grids marketplace

  • Value chain analysis

  • Establishment of qualitative business models

  • Identification of market entry strategies

  • Market potential estimation

What are the key results for this Project?

The key results of this study include the review of the state of the art of grid solutions, the identification of key players, major development trends and underlining driving factors, and most importantly the realistic assessment of the potential role telecom operators can play in the emerging grid market.

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