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NGN Service Concepts
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Valerie Blavette
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about?

Current Eurescom shareholders are facing similar challenges due to heavy financing loans and market instability. New investments on network infrastructure like NGN/3G have to be carefully justified. So far, only rationales based on infrastructure costs saving have been used. However, the growth of network traffic and number of users is reaching its saturation levels. In some cases is even decreasing. In such context cost savings rationales are not sufficient. New revenues coming from new and innovative applications are becoming more business mission critical. However, persuasive studies on such subject are still missing. The current study aims to fill this gap in a collaborative way by joining together different capabilities from Eurescom shareholders to develop significant results.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

This study aims to analyze new service concepts, here called Next Generation Service Concepts (NGSC), which may only be provided by NGN/OSA networks enabling the emergence of new revenues for Service Providers. The study evaluates how new NGN/OSA characteristics, like access independence, convergence and openness, can promote the emergence of new NGSC concepts, and lead to new business opportunities and models and so new revenue streams.

One NGSC example is the ability for the user to make business by providing his/her own applications, i.e., the user may develop and sell her/his own NGN/OSA Applications. In this case the Service Provider would play a kind of Brokering role.

The study should take into account some constraints including business environment, market segmentation and social impacts.

Possible drawbacks from current technologies for the implementation of the service concepts are identified. Some business cases illustrating the service concepts use are given. At the end, an experimental validation of such concepts is discussed for future work.

What are the key results for this Project?

The current study aims to provide some:

  • Guidelines to help on the decision to invest on NGN/3G infrastructure?
  • Analysis of enabling unique NGN/3G characteristics for the generation of revenues from new applications;
  • Analysis of current major business constraints and users requirements to be fulfilled by Next Generation applications;
  • Identification of catalysing concepts and principles (NGSP) to generate new revenues from Next Generation applications.
  • Analysis of business models and business cases enabled by NGSC.


What relationship exists to other organisations or bodies?

In order to disseminate some of its results the project will present papers to some Conferences (e.g. the Eurescom Summit on 01/10/03).

Project Results
Deliverable Title  No  Issue date
Next Generation Service Concepts D1 TI issued May 2003
NGN/3G Business Opportunities D2 PR1 issued June 2003
 P1341 main results (web deliverable) PR2 30-04-03