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P924    Deployment and Configuration Support for distributed PNO Applications

D5 Evaluation Results, Achievements and Project Conclusions
Issue date: November 2001
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: 1 Volume (29 pages)

Distribution and configuration support concerns the transition and mapping from the computational to the engineering viewpoint during the last phases of service creation. It also addresses the deployment of software components onto service nodes, static configuration, and the relevant distribution and configuration of components during service usage. The latter involves DPE mechanisms that provide functionality which enables distribution transparencies and dynamic configuration. Dynamic configuration includes the runtime configuration and management of service components and aspects related to, for instance, QoS, distribution of the distributed objects of the service, and the way these objects utilise the DPE.

This document presents the results of project P924. The project has developed a process model and guidelines for the initial and the dynamic configuration of distributed applications. Furthermore, a notation for expressing distribution and configuration requirements has been defined and the necessary runtime support has been designed and implemented in the project. A sample service has been selected and used for evaluating the project ideas. Results and assessment for running the sample service are also presented in this document.

Applicability: All entities, which are interested in methods, notations, capabilities of services platforms, and software support for static and dynamic deployment of software components in heterogeneous CORBA environments like PNOs, Service Providers, users, tool vendors.
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