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P923    Multilingual Web sites: Best practice, guidelines and architectures

D1 Guidelines for building multilingual Web sites
Issue date: September  2000
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: Volume1:Main Report (27 pages)
Volume 2: Annex A: (38 pages)
Volume 3: Annex B: (53 pages)
Volume 4: Annex C: (35 pages)
Volume 5: Annex D: (37 pages)

The main focus of EURESCOM PROJECT P923 is the development of best practice
guidelines for the design of multilingual (and therefore essentially also multicultural) Web based
information and transaction services.

This report is intended to address the following key results:

  1. a generic architecture for multilingual Web sites that are easy to design and maintain
  2. best practice guidelines for building and maintaining multilingual Web sites
  3. inventory of existing tools for multilingual text production and knowledge about their
    suitability for aiding the creation and maintenance of multilingual Web sites

It will be used as input to the last part of the project which will take care of building a demonstrator
as well as summarising the lessons learned in a second and last report.


This document is primarily aimed at anyone who is involved in the process of designing,
building or managing Web sites. It is of immediate relevance to those involved with multilingual
Web sites, but it nevertheless, provides information which will allow monolingual Web site designers
to design sites that are economically upgraded to multilingual sites.

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