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P909 Enabling Technologies for IN Evolution and IN-Internet Integration


Final guidelines for evolution of Network Intelligence

Issue date: March 2000
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: Main volume : Main Report (51 pages)
Annex 1 - Framework for vendor participation
Annex 2 - EURESCOM NDA Template
Annex 3 - Recommendations to PNOs and vendors
Annex 4 - Exploitation of P909 experiments towards Parlay and OSA

The focus of EURESCOM Project P909 was on the evolution of Network Intelligence and, IN convergence with other networks and services (Internet). Furthermore, this need can be expressed in terms of delivery of specifications, and identification/evaluation and integration of off-the-shelf products supported by some prototypes development.

The partners in the Project have implemented different types of service scenarios pertaining to IN evolution and IN/Internet integration. Two types of experimental activities were distinguished: First, a set of experiments were defined and performed which will investigate particular service implementations; and Second, service platforms were coupled and federation activities were tested.

This Deliverable is the fifth and final deliverable from the Project and it elaborates "Final guidelines for evolution of Network Intelligence".

Applicability: Target readers: PNO managers, standard bodies (ETSI, 3GPP, Parlay) and product designers from IT and Telco product vendors.
Archive: /pub/deliverables/documents/p900-series/p909/D5/