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P907  MESSAGE: Methodology for Engineering Systems of Software Agents


Methodology for Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

Issue date: September  2001
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: 1 volume (73 pages)

This document presents the MESSAGE methodology for Agent Oriented Software Engineering.

Agent technology is gaining more and more importance in the domain of telecommunication applications (e.g. EURESCOM P712, P815, P704, P810, P845; ACTS projects KIMSAC, AMASE, ABROSE, CLIMATE). The concepts and technology have been brought to a stage where they are useable in real applications, and there is a growing understanding of how to apply them to practical problems. To exploit this investment, the knowledge of where and how to employ agent-oriented ideas must become part of the repertoire of skills of the EURESCOM partners’ software engineering teams.

Software engineering (SE) methodologies have proved to be successful in increasing speed to market of software development projects, lowering the development cost and providing better quality. It is possible for small teams to apply SE principles informally, but for large projects a well-defined methodology is essential. Message is an attempt to combine all of the best features of existing agent oriented software engineering (AOSE) methodologies while grounding agent-oriented concepts in the same underlying semantic framework used by UML, the standard Modelling language for Object Oriented Software Engineering.


Software engineering personnel at the EURESCOM shareholder companies who are developing, or considering developing Multi-Agent Systems should read this report.

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