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P905    AQUAVIT - Assessment of Quality for Audio-Visual signals over Internet and UMTS

TI1 Relationships between subjective evaluations, objective predictions and system parameter values
Issue date: March  2001
Confidentiality: for full publication
Format: 1 Volume Main report and annexes (108 pages)

This deliverable describes the design and results for subjective and objective quality tests, as well as the relationship
between those measures, and between quality test results and specific network parameters.
Subjective as well as objective tests were designed to use the same set of source audio-visual signals for all tests.
The test signals were processed using simulations of both IP and UMTS packet based networks.

Subjective tests were carried out to assess the transmission quality using specific methods for speech, audio, video
and audio-video modes, respectively.
Objective quality assessment methods were applied for speech, audio and video individually.

The analysis of relationships shows consistent results for the correlation between subjective and objective speech quality
scores of more than 92% for each experiment.
Correlations between subjective and objective audio quality assessment result in an overall correlation coefficient of 72%.


This document should be interesting to managers, researchers and experts in standards bodies, as well as
experts on subjective quality evaluation.

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