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= result confidential to EURESCOM Shareholders/ members
D = Deliverable type (Project Result)
TS = Technical Specification
TI = Technical Information

Project Title Type Conf.
P948     Portals as Channels to the Virtual World
  Main Report D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P947   Impacts of Information Overload
  Impacts of information overload D1  
P946   Smart Devices "When Things Start to Think"
  Strategic Study D1  
P945   Always-On; Being Continuously Present with the Customer
  Main Report   keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P944   Impact of PKI on the European Telecommunications Business
  Main Report   keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P943   Alternative Methods for presenting Charging Information to Users
  Alternative methods for presenting charging information to users D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P942  Assessment of potential techniques for controlling usage of the European Research and Educational Networks Interconnection
  Identification of requirements and potential solutions D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P925  Internet Middleware (for Customised Service Bundling)
  Report on Interactive Multimedia Service Composition Models D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Report on technology support for interactive MM services (1) D2 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Results of Trial I on Virtual Communities D4 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Report on Technology Support for Interactive Multimedie Services D5 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Interactive multimedia components D6 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Software and service management components for the service trials D7 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Software package "Client and server integrated packages for service trials" D8 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Report on Integratable Solutions for Software and Service Management D10 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Results of Trial II on Virtual Communities D12 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P924  Distribution and Configuration Support for Distributed PNO Applications
  Requirements, terminology and concepts D1  
  Process and Methods for Configuration of Distributed Applications D4  
  Notation and semantics for deployment and configuration D2  
  Specification of Platform Capabilities and Architecture for Deployment and configuration D3  
  Revisiting the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition TI1  
  Evaluation Results, Achievements and Project Conclusions D5  
  CORBA component model implementation D6 (TI2)  
P923  Multilingual Web sites: Best practice, guidelines and architectures
  Guidelines for building multilingual Web sites D1  
  Guidelines for building multilingual Web sites Brochure  
  Experiences in designing and building multilingual Web sites D2+TI1-TI3  
P922  VENUS - Virtual collaborative Environment with Next generation mUltimedia Systems
  Technology for collaborative applications D1  
  Collaborative applications: Requirements and architecture D2 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Mock-up Demonstrator TI1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Assessment and forecast on collaborative applications TI2 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Final Results D5  
P921  UMTS Radio Aspects
  SDR and HFR for low cost radio (brochure) D1  
  SDR and HFR for low cost radio (Web deliverable) D1  
  Guidelines for UMTS radio access network design (brochure) D2  
  Guidelines for UMTS radio access network design (Web deliverable) D2  
P920  UMTS Network Aspects
  VHE concept description, scenarios and protocols D1  
  Investigation of architectures and protocols for UMTS network evolution D2  
  Guidelines for the development of future UMTS architectures D3  
  VHE Trial review report D4  
P919  Evaluation of Integrated Fixed and Mobile Networks
  Recommended Strategies for FMI D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Technical Specification: Framework for Fixed and Mobile Networks Integration Testing D2  
P918  Integration of IP over Optical Networks: Networking and Management
  IP over WDM, Transport and Routing D1  
  Network scenarios for IP over optical networks D2  
  Optical Transport Network Management D3  
  Proposal for test-beds and experimental assessment D4  
  Survivability Strategies with Interactions between Layer Networks D5  
P917  BOBAN - Building and Operating Broadband Access Network
  Access systems RFI and survey of ongoing standardisation D1  
  Access network monitoring and supervision D2  
  Low cost broadband optical access D3 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Low cost DSL D4 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Broadband service provisioning and management D5  
  Powerline modems D6 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Medium voltage AC access network and customer equipment powering D7  
  Broadband cabinet survey, specification and demonstration D8  
  Planning Tool Specifications D9 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  DWDM technologies for access networks D10  
  Fibre architectures at low penetration: A search for cost effective migration to FTTH D11 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P916  Supporting of H.323 by IN
  Transport of INAP over an IP stack D1  
  Providing IN functionality for H.323 telephony calls D2  
  Impact of H.323 on IN D3  
P915  HINE - Heterogeneous Inhouse Networking Environment
  Anlaysis of Inhouse System Technolgies D1  
  Connecting the in-house network to the outside world - constraints, approaches, impacts D2  
  Anlaysis of Inhouse Transmission Systems D3 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Description and Evaluation of the HINE Demonstrator D4  
P914  Study and Trials for Internet roaming in Europe
  Specifications and trials of an architectural and management framework D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Specification of the user interface, documentation, source code and windows help files D2 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Use of the DIAMETER protocol to deploy a roaming service offering: specification and trial D3 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P913  Real-time Services on the Internet
  Road-map for current real-time services over the Internet D1  
  Results and recommendations for  real-time Internet services D2  
P912  Security for Mobility in IP
  Security Requirements for the Introduction of Mobility to IP D1  
  Security Guidelines for the Introduction of Mobility to IP D2  
P911   IP Multicast
  State-of-the-art technologies, products and services D1  
  Results and Recommendations D2 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P910  Technology Assessment of Middleware for Telecommunications
  Overview of all project reports and additional technical information documents    
  Technology and Product Life Cycle Ratings D1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Mid-term project demonstrations D2  
  Middleware for telecommunications - Facilitating the open services market Brochure  
  Technology and Product Life Cycle Ratings - Issue 2 D1  
P909  Enabling Technologies for IN Evolution and IN/Internet Integration
  What an IN system should be D1  
  Architecture and service scenarios for Internet-IN convergence D2  
  Prototype components for the experimental platform(s)/system(s) (Web pages) D3 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  CD-ROM: Enabling technologies for IN - Internet integration  (Web version available via this link) D4  
  Final guidelines for evolution of Network Intelligence Vol 1 - Vol 4 D5  
P908  OSS Interconnection Gateway Validation
  Phase 1 Report - Project framework for developing organising and testing of gateways D1  
  OSS Interconnection Gateway Evolution TI1  
  OSS Interconnection Evolution D3  
  OSS Gateway Validation Report - Vol 1 - Vol 7 D2  
P907  MESSAGE: Methodology for Engineering Systems of Software Agents
  Initial Methodology D1  
  Final Guidelines for the Identification of Relevant Problem Areas where Agent Technology is Appropriate D2  
  Methodology for Agent-Oriented Software Engineering TI1  
  Recommendations on supporting tools TI2  
P906  QUASIMODO - Quality of Service MethODOlogies and solutions within the service framework: measuring, managing and charging QoS
  Offering quality classes to end-users D1  
  Survey of existing methodologies and tools for QoS measurement and management TI1  
  Quasimodel Implementation TI2  
  Experimental evaluation of QoS measurement and management TI3  
  Key QoS Charging Issues TI4  
  Experimental evaluation of QoS charging TI5 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Methodologies and tools for QoS measurement and management D2  
  Methodologies and policies for QoS charging D3  
  Summary of QUASIMODO Findings on QoS TI6  
P905  AQUAVIT - Assessment of Quality for audio-visual signals over Internet and UMTS
  Description of Testbeds D1  
  Methodology for subjective and audio-visual quality evaluation in mobile and IP networks D2  
  Relationships between subjective evaluations, objective predictions and system parameter values TI1  
  Final Findings D4  
P903 ICT Uses in Everyday Life
  Project Report, detailed technical information documents plus P903 Database D1 - D3 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P904 Telework and quality of life
  Project Reports (D1) and (D2) and detailed technical information documents plus brochure. D1 + D2  
P902  Sustainability and social impacts of ICT on schools, homes and the community
  Project Report (D1) and 6 Technical Information/Specification documents and overview PowerPoint presentation   keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
P901  Extended Investment Analysis of Telecommunication Operator Strategies
  Investment analysis framework definition and requirements specification D1  
  Investment analysis modelling D2  
  Analysis of Investment Projects D3  
  Evaluation of the investment analysis methodologies and models D4 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)
  Application guidelines for using the investment analysis methodologies and models TI1 keysmall.gif (143 bytes)