P815 Communications Management Process Integration Using Software Agents


The Application of Agent Technology to Workflow Management in Telecommunications
Issue date: February 2001
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: 1 volume Main report (68 pages)

EURESCOM Project P815 has investigated the application of agent technology to the management of processes
and systems across communications management domains.

The purpose of the Deliverable is to describe the case studies, the prototype design and implementation,
the experiments, as well as the results of the experiments.
It draws some conclusions on the applicability of Agent Technology to Workflow Management in



This document gives recommendations on the maturity and suitability of agent technology to workflow management.

Readers will be able to gain an insight into where agent technology could be used in their own business process management applications.

The suggested readers are managers and researchers interested in Workflow Management or Agent technology.

Archive: /eurescom/deliverables/documents/p800-series/p815/D2/