P815 Communications Management Process Integration Using Software Agents


A Specification of a Framework for Agent Oriented Workflow Management Systems

Issue date: February 2001
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: Volume 1: Main report (29 pages)

Volume 2: Annex A (92 pages)

Volume 3: Annex B (74 pages)


EURESCOM Project P815 has investigated the application of agent technology to the management
of processes and systems across communications management domains.

Volume 1 of this first deliverable introduces the framework for Agent-oriented Workflow management Systems,
including the rationale for the design choices that have been made.

Volume 2 contains the detailed specification of the framework.

Volume 3 is the Programmer's Guide.


The purpose of this Deliverable is to provide architectural and methodological guidance to systems
and software engineers who intend to deploy agent-oriented workflow management systems
as well as for managers interested in Workflow Management or Agent technology.

Archive: /eurescom/deliverables/documents/p800-series/p815/D1/