P518 Telecommunications and the Environment

D1 Draft European PNO Environmental Policy Paper

Issue date: September 1996
Confidentiality: ETNO decided to make it publicly available
Format: 1 volume (2 pages)
Overview: This is a short document. It is reproduced below in its entirety
Applicability: ETNO has launched a Working Group that will take care of maintaining this Charter, and will periodically produce reports with the results of the application of this environmental policy.

Environmental Charter of European Telecommunication Network Operators

Our Vision

Sustainable development is a strategic global environmental goal. It describes development that takes into consideration the need to conserve both the natural environment and the world's scarce non-renewable resources for future generations. It is our belief that we can play an important part in making this happen.

This Charter describes our commitment to sustainable development through:-

Our Approach
We recognise that the universal presence of telecommunications in today's society places on us a social obligation to be good corporate citizens. A responsible attitude to environmental issues is an important part of meeting that obligation.

As a collective group of companies, our combined turnover represents a significant proportion of European trade and this puts us in a unique position to make a real difference.

Our Commitment
Whether together, or individually, we are committed to continuous improvement through action in the following areas:-

We shall aim to ensure recognition and acknowledgement of all relevant environmental impacts, including the positive and negative impacts of our products and services. In particular we shall build the environment into our training programmes and company communication programmes.

Regulatory compliance
We shall strive to achieve full compliance with all relevant environmental legal requirements, and to exceed these requirements where appropriate.

Research and development
We shall support research and development into the contribution new telecommunication services can make to sustainable development.

We shall build environmental considerations into our procurement processes. Special attention will be paid to: energy-consumption, waste management, process and product requirements, the use of hazardous materials.

Providing information
We shall provide relevant data and information about our environmental performance to employees, customers, shareholders and governments.

Environmental management systems
We shall implement environmental management systems which support the development of appropriate and well-structured environmental protection.