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P1652    Service Oriented Architectures (SoA) for convergent Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs)

D2 Applying Service Oriented Architectures to Service Delivery Platforms
Issue date:

December 2006

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Format: 1 volume  (80 pages)


SDP is a new architectural approach intended to enable the rapid development and deployment of new converged multimedia services in a less expensive and simpler way. SDPs should typically provide a service creation environment, service execution and management environment, and abstractions for media control, presence/location, integration, and other low-level communications capabilities. The telecommunications industry has recognized the need for an SDP, particularly, one that conforms to industry standards and is built on a standard architecture.

SOA will radically change the way business processes are automated and implemented in software, how migration of physical world processes are turned into digital services. SOA is much more than implementing an “Integration bus” or some other means of distributed deployment of software. SDP’s will play a key role in this landscape, by providing the execution environment for a lot of the processes involved.

After an overview of what an SDP is, this document goes into details regarding the applicability of SOA to SDPs.


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