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Results by Projects started in 2002

= result confidential to EURESCOM Shareholders/ members
D = Deliverable type (Project Result)
TS = Technical Specification
TI = Technical Information

Project Title Type Conf.
P1201 Entertainment and new interactive services via DSL (ERNIE)
Market Analysis and User Requirement D1
  Overall System Concept D2
  Demonstrator Specification D3
  Acceptability study and business models D4
P1203 The operator’s vision on systems beyond 3G
The operators' vision on systems beyond 3G D1 - brochure  
Systems Beyond 3G – Operator's Vision D2  
  Vision evaluation workshop Oslo web-D3  
  Business modelling for systems B3G D4  
  Implementation of B3G services TI1  
  Operators' key drivers for systems beyond 3G TI2  
P1204 Mobile Presence
Technology Overview and User/Service Requirements D1
  System requirements, Architecture and Design D2
  Service Prototype D3
P1206 Broadband Services in the Intelligent Wireless Home
My Home Sphere – Services in the intelligentwireless home D1 brochure  
Operators' view on home networking  (slide-set)   D2
Demonstration Description  (slide-set)   D3
Demonstration Description   web-D4
P1207 OPERA - Interoperability of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Technologies
Overview of state-of-the art DRM systems and standardisation activities D1  
  An Open DRM Architecture D2  
  Prototype description of an open DRM architecture D3  
P1208 Location Awareness (LOCAWA)
Location Based Services: an overview of user and technical aspects D1
Presentation of Location Information and constraints of end devices D2
Real Life Location Awareness D3  
Identification of mass market Location Based Services TI1
Analysis of the privacy issue in LBS TI2
Identifying the Technology Issues on Positioning TI3
User needs analysis and scenarios TI4
Presentation analysis The Human Factor TI5
Constraints of End Devices TI6
  Preparation of the prototype implementation TI7
  Preparation and conduction of the field trial TI8
  Analysis of the field trial TI9
P1209 XML Web Services
XML Web Services Technology Overview D1
XML Web Services Scenarios and Business Models D2
  XML Web Services Demonstrator and Experiments D3
  XML Web Services demonstrator overview TI1