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P1143 Perspectives for Future Work on IPQoS Issues

D1 Perspectives on Future IP QoS Work
Issue date: Oktober  2001
Confidentiality: for full publication
Format: 1 volume (44 pages)

This document presents the main results of P1143, in particular the recommendations for future activities related to IP QoS. These recommendations are referring to EURESCOM actions as well as actions to be taken by its shareholders. The recommendations are derived from a list of open issues that have been identified. In fact resolution of, or solutions for, several of the open issues are considered to be crucial for ensuring a sustainable commercial provision of IP-based services in the near to medium term future and beyond.

Arriving at the list of open issues, four main approaches have been followed: i) requirements derived from a holistic service provision/delivery (focus on QoS and SLA), ii) requirements derived from a set of scenarios, iii) survey of available results, and iv) other background information including trends and expert knowledge. All these approaches are utilised in this document and together with references to supporting information, provide the basis for the conclusions and recommendations that are presented.

Two project proposal descriptions have been elaborated based on the recommendations for EURESCOM project actions.


Staff and various expert groups in EURESCOM

Persons proposing and preparing EURESCOM projects

EURESCOM shareholder personnel involved in planning and deployment of IP networks, management systems and strategic issues

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