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P1118 Bluetooth Access: A promising access technology to ubiquitous computing services

D1 Bluetooth access, an opportunity for operators
Issue date: November 2001
Confidentiality: for full publication
Format: 1 volume (5 pages)

Bluetooth is identified as the common standard for wireless, device independent connection between all kind of customer devices as e.g. mobile phones, PDA, cameras, and computers. There is widespread backing for Bluetooth from mobile equipment manufacturers. Gartner Group has predicted that by 2004, 75% of all new mobile handsets sold will be Bluetooth enabled.

Global mobility and request for advanced data services will cause demand for service delivery in many different locations. The provision of value added services in a Ubiquitous Computing environment is dependent on a billing infrastructure that allows micro payments. This is a huge market opportunity for Telco operators who have the required know how, equipment and customer relations to operate such a system.

Users are using an ever-increasing range of terminals and communication devices which are becoming increasingly capable of interconnection. Connecting these for useful online services while at home or at the office is quite easy compared to while in public places. Some party must offer an easy and secure way to get these devices on-line and connected while the user is on the move.

Applicability: Target readers include managers with a technical background, software developers and architects
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