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P1106 E-commerce impacts on service and network operations and management

D1 (A) Overview of e-commerce impacts on telecommunications management
Issue date: December 2001
Confidentiality: For full publication
Format: 1 volume (24 pages)

The objective of the EURESCOM project on "E-commerce impacts on service and network operations and management" is to allow architects and business managers to understand how e-business technologies and products should be best applied to their operations support systems (OSS) to serve their B2B and communications supply chain needs through the implementation of an e2-OSS framework.

This document summarises the results of the Phase 1 study on the relationship between e-commerce methods and technologies on OSSs and their evolution.

It also identifies the main gaps that need to be addressed in the development of an e2-OSS framework.

Applicability: Target readers are:
Executives in telecommunications, IT, network management and OSS development departments; Shareholders participating in the project; Product managers delivering wholesale and/or regulated interconnect products; Product managers using e-commerce; Technical experts in charge of producing B2B specifications and solutions; Managers responsible for procurement and development of e-commerce B2B applications; E-commerce vendors interested in telecoms sector (including gateways, hubs, market makers, brokers).
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