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Results by Projects started in 2001

= result confidential to EURESCOM Shareholders/ members
D = Deliverable type (Project Result)
TS = Technical Specification
TI = Technical Information

Project Title Type Conf.
P1101 Always-On "Device Unified Services (DUS)"

New Service Definitions for AO Networks (PR)


How to build next generation telecom infrastracture


Overall Architecture and Models for DUS (TI) D3


Evaluation of the Always-On Device Unifying Service D4
Evaluation of the Always-On Device Unifying Service D5


P1102  Mobile Electronic Commerce (eMporio)
Service scenarios for m-commerce D1
Mobile payment methods for m-commerce TI1
Platform concept for flexible m-commerce services D3
P1103 Inter-Operator IP QoS Framework - ToIP and UMTS Case Studies
Enhancing the IIQP framework and validation planning D1
State-of-the-art of the technology for ToIP scenarios D4
Economic and Business Aspects of Managed IP QoS Services D5
UMTS Case Study D6
Review of existing IP QoS aktivities and extension of P1008 findings TI1
UMTS Quality of Service Survey TI2
Collection of Terms and Definitions related to Business, Economic, Cost models TI5
P1104 Multimodal multilingual information services for small mobile terminals (MUST)
Mulitmodal Services - a MUST for UMTS D1
Specification and implementation of the MUST demonstrator D2
  Usability evaluation of a multimodal and multilingual service on a small mobile terminal D3
P1105  MobilUS: Next generation mobile information services on UMTS
Enabling technologies and usage scenarios for information services on UMTS D1-TI1
Evaluation of the architecture for information services on UMTS D4
Description of Architecture for Mobile Multimedia Information Services on UMTS D5
Summary report D6
P1106  E-commerce Impacts on Service and Network Operations and Management
Overview of e-commerce impacts on telecommunications management D1A   
Telecommunications B2B problem statement and requirements D1B  
State of the art e-commerce technology D1C   
Realising Next Generation e-Business Communication Service Supply Chains D2   
  Framework (e2-OSS) for integrating e-commerce technology with Service and Network Management
Part 1: e2OSS Framework Overview and Report


  Framework (e2-OSS) for integrating e-commerce technology with Service and Network Management
Part 2: e2OSS Framework Process and Systems Technology Guidelines


  Framework (e2-OSS) for integrating e-commerce technology with Service and Network Management
Part 3: e2OSS Framework - Security Guidelines


  Paper Case Studies
Part 1: Overview & Summary of Results
  Paper Case Studies
Part 2: Detailed Case Study Descriptions
  Practical Case Study: Applying e2OSS Framework to Telco supply chain scenarios B2B Trust Service Provider Demonstration D5   
  Project achievements and results D6 brochure   
  IP QoS Validation and Testing (VV&T) Results D7   
Glossary TI1
P1108 Workflow-based On-line Validation of Complex Component Based Internet Services
Requirements for Continual On-line Validation D1
Definition of Concept Space, Scenarios D1a
Terminology, Basic Concepts and Notations D2
Specification of Case Studies D3
Decentralised Work Flow Management System and Other Enabling Technologies D4
  Design and implementation of middleware capabilities and case studies of Continuous On-Line Validation D5
Requirements Validation TI1
Evaluation of Results D6
Project Conclusions and Exploitation Opportunities D7
P1109 Next Generation Networks: The service offering scenario
Network, service scenarios and RFI for NGN service platforms D1
Requirements analysis and architecture definition TI1
Service creation analysis in an NGN context TI2
Definition of NGN service scenarios TI3
RFI preparation, submissions and evaluation TI4
P1110  Open Service Access: advantages and opportunities in service provisioning on 3G mobile Networks
Enhancement of OSA for Network Operators needs D3
Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Parlay/OSA: Analysis and open issues TI4
Service scenarios and state-of-the-art OSA products D1
Proposal for Enhancements to the Parlay/OSA Specifications TI1
RFI on OSA/Parlay products TI2
Definition and Solution of proposed Parlay/OSA Specification issues TI3
Parlay/OSA Business Models: An Operator’s Perspective TI6
Service scenarios and state-of-the-art OSA products D2
Assessment of OSA specification and products Web D4
Proposal for enhancements to the Parlay/OSA specifications D5
  OSA: Service scenarios, Business models and SLAs, product evaluations and enhancements for network operators needs D6
P1112 Network dimensioning based on modelling of Internet traffic
Component-wise analysis of network performance D1
TCP performance and bandwidth sharing strategies D2
QoS and performance models for streaming traffic D3
  Admission control and QoS from the user perspective D4
Network dimensioning and traffic engineering methods D5
Traffic Characteristics and Statistical Estimation D8
P1113 The Tsunami IPv6 Project
Survey on IPv6 technology implementation Web D1
Domain Name System Guidelines D2
Guideline: How to use IPv6 over MPLS.  Report on IP-Telephony in IPv6. D3
Mobile IPv6 and IPv6 Security Guidelines D4
Internet Draft on Transition mechanisms D5
Guideline for sub-TLA / ISPs for IPv6 addressing and renumbering D6
P1114 MC-A-RONI MultiCast Deployment - A Practical handbook for Networks and Isps
Integration of IP-Multicast in MPLS based networks D1
A Practical Handbook for Multicast Deployment D3
P1115 Selected Quality of Services Provision in an Multi Protocol Label Switching/Differentiated Services Internet SALTAMONTES
  Traffic Engineering in Differentiated Services Networks D1
  QoS Management in Heterogeneous IP Networks D2
  Implementation of MPLS Networks over Existing Infrastructure D3 Vol. 1
  Implementation of MPLS Networks over Existing Infrastructure - Architectural descriptions and basic concepts D3 Vol. 2
  Implementation of MPLS Networks over Existing Infrastructure  - MPLS Implementations, Interoperability Tests and Signalling D3 Vol. 3
  Enhanced Services on MPLS based IP networks D4
  Test Results on MPLS Equipment D5
P1116 Scalable Optical IP Transport Networks (SCORPION)
An overview of the existing and expected network elements and technologies for future scalable IP over OTN network D1 (TI1)
Routing and signalling in IP over Optical Transport Networks D2
Carrier requirements for providing optical transport services to IP clients D3
IP-based Routing and Signalling Protocols for the Optical Transport Network D4 (TI1)
Assessment of possible architectures for the IP over Optical Transport Network D5
P1117 Future Access Networks - FAN
  IP based access technologies and QoS D1
  Broadband access network target architectures - access network evolution scenarios and strategies D2
  Comparison of IP and ATM access solutions  TI1
  Evolution scenario towards FAN: strategy guidelines  TI2
  Target Future Access Networks definition  TI3
P1118 Bluetooth access: A promising access technology to ubiquitous computing services
Bluetooth access - an opportunity for operators D1  
P1119 The third dimension - Human-centred approach to designing new mobile services for different terminal equipment
Technologies for adaptive mobile service development - use cases and technology survey D1
Human-centred service development - user feedback and evaluation D2

P1141  E.353 Assessment
Issues associated with the implementation of ITU-Recommendation E.353 in public networks D1

P1142  Biosciences and ICT - Two worlds growing together?
Biosciences and ICT - Two worlds growing together? D1
P1143 Perspectives for Future Work on IP QoS Issues
Perspectives on Future IP QoS Work D1
P1144 The future CAMERA
Customers and Markets - EURESCOM Research Activities D1
P1145 4G - The Next Frontier
Perspectives for Research on Next Generations Mobile Systems D1
P1146 Getting online communities to develop
Success factors of online business communities D1
Success factors of online business communities - background information and individual reports D2 (TI)
Success factors of online business communities - slideshow overview of study ppt presentation
P1147 DIRECT - The potential of peer-to-peer interaction
  Strategic assessment of the impact of peer-to-peer interaction D1
P1149 Impacts of changes in enterprise software constructions for telecommunications
Model Driven Architecture - Assessment of relevant technologies D1
Model Driven Architecture - Adaptations and impacts for the telecom domain D2
P1150 E-voting - Opportunities and challenges for network operators
E-voting scenarios, requirements, implications and solutions (premature version) D1
Investigate e-voting services and scenarios from a network operator's perspective (premature version) D2
P1151 Always On ADSL Security
Findings and Recommendations D1