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Results by Projects started in 2000

= result confidential to EURESCOM Shareholders/ members
D = Deliverable type (Project Result)
TS = Technical Specification
TI = Technical Information

Project Title Type Conf.
P1001 PKI Implementation and Test suites for Selected Applications and Services
Interoperable PKI test environment for TelCos D2
Europe-wide PKI model for Inter-Telco applications Vol. 1 -4 D1
PKI for selected services D3Vol1
PKI in a GSM environment D3Vol2
Implementation of PKI for different services and environments D3
P1002  Talmud (Technologies and Architectures for a Leap in Multimedia Databases)
Multimedia Technologies, Architectures and Standards D1
Storage, retrieval and filtering D2 (TI1)
Implementation of a MM Storage, Retrieval and Filtering Platform D4
P1003 Exploiting the "always On" concept
Users' expectations, attitudes and requirements in Always On D1
The Always On Supply Side and Business Opportunities for Telcos D2
P1004 ICE-Commerce (Framework for interoperable and customised E-Commerce Solutions)
   User requirements TI1
   Service descriptions and scenarios TI2
   Initial functional Architecture: Volume 1 TI3
   Initial functional Architecture: Volume 2 TI4
P1005 Jini & Friends @ Work: towards secured service access
Jini state-of-the-art: an operator's perspective D1
Operator specific security requirements for ubiquitous computing TI1
Security components and sevices TI2
Secure Sevice Access in Future Networks TI3
Integration of Small Devices into IT Infrastructure TI4
Deployment of Jini services in an insecure environment TI5
Experiences and conclusions D10
P1006 Differentiated Services - Network Configuration and Management (DISCMAN)
Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement for AF PHBs, 12 Oct 2000 TS1
Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement for EF PHBs, 12 Oct 2000 TS2
Tests of available implementations TS3
Service Models and Architectures TI1
Performance of Differentiated Service Networks TI2
Network control measurement and charging TI3
Contribution of Traffic Engineering to Differentiated Services TI4
White Paper: Service Models and Realisation of Differentiated Services Networks TI5
Differentiated Services Implementation Web D2
Testing of Differentiated Services Implementations TI6
Testing of the Linux Differentiated Services Implementation  and International Field Trial TI7
   Tests of available implementations - HT test results TI8
Traffic Measurements in a DiffServ Network - NT test results TI9
Testing of diffServ Implemtationsk - PT test results TI10
An Alternative View on Differentiated Services TI11
Routing and Resource Management in DiffServ TI12
Traffic Engineering in Differentiated Service Networks TI13
P1007 Application of Intelligent Techniques to Telecommunications Fraud Detection
Findings and Recommendations on Intelligent Techniques to Telecommunications Fraud Detection and Analysis D3
Experiments and testing TI7
Evaluation of Commercial Systems TI6
Assessments, Comparisons and Conclusions TI8
State-of-the-art in detecting telecommunications fraud D1+TI1-4
Specification of Intelligent Techniques for Detecting Telecommunications Fraud TI5
P1008 Inter-operator interfaces for ensuring end to end QoS
   Inter-operator interfaces for ensuring end to end QoS D1
   Selected scenarios and requirements for end to end IP QoS management D2
   Specification of Inter-Domain Quality of Service Management Interfaces D3
   Specification of Inter-Domain Quality of Service Management Interfaces TS1
   Specification of Inter-Domain Quality of Service Management Interfaces TI1
P1009 Armstrong IPv6 deployment - "A small step for IP but a giant leap for mankind"
Transition strategies IPv4 to IPv6 TI1
Transition Mechanisms Overview Web deliverable
Inter-provider Routing and Peering in IPv6 D2
IPv6 issues and implications for operators and deployment of new services such as UMTS D3
P1010 RealCast - Real-Time Services with IP Multicast
State-of-the-art technology: Applications and tools for IP Multicast TI1
State-of-the-art Survey of Multicast Routing TI2
Trials Report TI3
Support of QoS in an IP Multicast Network for Real-time Services D1
Routing and Reliability in an IP Multicast Network D2
P1012 Flexible Automatic SwitcHed client-Independent Optical Network (FASHION)
Switched Optical Network: Architecture and Functionality D1
Planning and Evaluation of Switched Optical Networks D2
Network Requirements and Scenarios TI1
ASON and its Clients: Optical layer's functionality and transparency TI2  
Automatic Switched Optical Networks Architectures TI3
Establishment of a comprehensive performance parameter set TI4
Network Analysis and Techno-economic Comparison of Traditional OTN and ASON TI5
P1013 First steps towards UMTS: Mobile IP Services. A European Testbed
Definition of Terminology for Mobile IP/ Definition of IP services in the Mobility Context D1
Reference architecture and test specifications for a Mobile IP-based core network D2
Specification of tests TS1
Architectures and requirements to provide and test mobile IP services. Practical tests and demonstrations. Conclusions D3
Mobile IP services demonstration D4
web deliverable
P1014 TWIN - Testing WDM IP Networks
Testbed description and test suites for IP/WDM experiments D1
Experience of testing IP over WDM networks using Packet over SDH/SONET and Gigabit Ethernet D2
Technical Guidelines for IP/WDM integration TI1
P1015 FREEHANDS "Fibre and Radio Enhanced intEgration in Heterogeneous Access Networks for Delivery of broadband Services"
Requirements for radio systems supporting broadband services in an heterogeneous access network  
FREEHANDS - Fibre and Radio Enhanced intEgration in Heterogeneous Access Networks for Delivery of broadband Services Brochure
Service delivery on FSAN access platforms D1
Broadband Radio Access Systems D2  
Integration of radio systems in the FSAN platform D3  
Service trials on FSAN Access Systems TI1
Long-term environmental testing of the EURESCOM Broadband Street Cabinet TI2
Market analysis on status of commercially available FSAN systems TI3
Assessment of fault diagnosis capability TI4
General Radio System Features TI5  
OAM specification for Broadband Wireless System TI6  
Service capabilities of broadband radio access TI7
Radio Systems Deployment TI8
FSAN-Radio Integration Aspects TI9  
Management and QoS issues in multi-technology access networks TI10
Laboratory Tests about Interoperability between FSAN and Radio Point-to-MultiPoint Systems TI11
Multicast in Hiperaccess systems TS1  
QoS requirements for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Systems TS2  
P1016 MINIT Mobile and IP Network Integration Testing
Overview of Project Goals, Achievements and Results D1

Test Suite Structure and Test purposes (TSS& TP)

Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) and partial Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (IXIT) proformas D3
P1041 Customer Loyalty in the Virtual World
Customer Loyalty in the Virtual World D1
P1042 Access Network Services for Service Providers
Key Processes and major Issues D1
Strategic options, technical and business issues D2
A quick overview of the P1042 study and its results - PowerPoint presentation
P1044 Aspects of Open Source in Telecommunications
An analysis from a telecommunication operator's perspective Brochure
Technical Evaluation of Open Source Products TI1
A strategic study on the use of Open source in a telecommunications operator's environment D1
P1045 WOMBAT - Where are the Other Mobile Buddies Around Town?
Location-based services and technologies for the youth market D1
Evaluation of location-based technologies TI1
P1046 LUPA: Local provision of 3G and 3G+ services
Lupa: Local provision of 3G and 3G+ services Web deliverable
P1047 Personal Nets
Putting Personal Place into Cyberspace D2