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New chairman of Eurescom general assembly
At their meeting on  25 April, the Eurescom shareholders elected Saemundur E. Thorsteinsson from Siminn (Iceland Telecom) as the new chairman of the general assembly. Mr Thorsteinsson is the successor of Michel Dupire from France Telecom.     Portrait of Saemundur E. Thorsteinsson in Eurescom mess@ge
25 April 2007

ICT and healthcare - Eurescom mess@ge 1/2007
Healthcare systems worldwide are facing enormous challenges. ICT plays a major role in addressing those challenges. The new issue of Eurescom mess@ge provides an overview on  ICT and healthcare, sharing insights by some of the leading researchers in this area.     Eurescom mess@ge 1/2007
29 March 2007

NM2 seminar on managing European research projects
On 8 February, Eurescom organised a training seminar within the EU project NM2 on "Managing European research projects Best practices from NM2 for FP7 projects" in Heidelberg.
Further information and the presentations are available on the NM2 seminar page
8 February 2007

Wireless Sensor Networks - Eurescom mess@ge issue 3/2006
Recent advances in microelectronics and wireless communications have made it possible to build wireless sensor networks on a larger scale which enables plenty of innovative applications. The new issue of Eurescom mess@ge provides an overview on business opportunities and technological challenges of wireless sensor networks, sharing insights by some of the leading researchers in this area.
Eurescom mess@ge 3/2006
27 November 2006

Mobile TV - Eurescom mess@ge issue 2/2006
Studies have shown that there is a rising customer demand for mobile TV. Is mobile TV the next European mega trend? The latest issue of Eurescom mess@ge provides an overview on the main technologies and the state-of-the-art of mobile TV as well as expert reports about ongoing research.
Eurescom mess@ge 2/2006
22 June 2006

Three new Eurescom studies
After the first call for the Eurescom Study Programme 2006, Eurescom has selected three new studies, one of which was already launched in March. The study topics include machine-to-machine communication, service-oriented architectures, and greenfield scenarios for fiber-based access networks.
Further information on the Eurescom Study Programme
12 June 2006

CELTIC Call 4 for Project Proposals closed
Call 4 for Project Proposals for EUREKA Cluster CELTIC is now closed. Submission deadline for proposal outlines was 4 May 2006. The selected projects from this Call will be started in 2007.
Further information
1 June 2006

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