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Events that are organised hosted or endorsed by EurescomEvents

In the table below you find past and upcoming events in 2011 that have been organised, hosted or endorsed by Eurescom.


Date Organiser

Upcoming Event

23 - 24 February 2011 OMEGA 3rd OMEGA Open Event
Rennes, France
Eurescom is responsible for organising the event within the OMEGA project.
29 - 30 March 2011 Celtic-Plus

Celtic-Plus Event 2011
Heidelberg, Germany
Eurescom in its function as Celtic-Plus Office is organising the event

16 to 19 May 2011 European Commission Future Internet Week
Budapest, Hungary

Eurescom will be involved via several FP7 projects and the EFIA initiative.
15 - 17 June 2011   Future Network & Mobile Summit 2011 Warsaw, Poland
Uwe Herzog from Eurescom is involved in the organisation via eMobility

Past Events

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Conference table

Listed in the Conference Table are upcoming conferences and workshops where Eurescom will be represented by our projects or by the Eurescom permanent staff,  or where we will be present to promote Eurescom's work. In addition, there are large international conferences included which have a major impact on telecommunications or our own conference planning.

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