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Public safety networks of the
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NEM Summit 2008 –

Towards Future Media Internet

Halid Hrasnica

The First NEM Summit was held in Saint-Malo, France, on 13-15 October 2008. The conference was organised by the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) under the aegis of the European Commission and addressed topics related to Future Media Internet. More than 400 Summit participants discussed the creation and delivery of future rich media content by using new media applications and future generation of communications networks. The Summit was organised in close collaboration with the Media & Networks cluster from the region of Brittany.

The new NEM Summit is a major annual conference and exhibition devoted to the field of Networked and Electronic Media and ICT at large. The conference offered participants an opportunity to share information and viewpoints on the R&D status in this area, network with peers from all over the world, and get up-to-date and reliable information on the technology and market perspectives.

The aim of the NEM Summit is to bring together representatives of NEM community from Europe and worldwide; Major manufacturers and service companies, start-ups and SME’s, Research centres and institutions, Industry associations and groups, Standardization and regulation bodies.

NEM Summit exhibition - networking with sea view in Saint Malo

The First NEM Summit 2008 was dedicated to the main R&D theme "Towards Future Media Internet". The Summit included 45 papers, selected by Technical Programme Committee among more than 90 submitted papers, six invited papers, four key-note talks, and 50 exhibitions, presenting latest R&D results in the NEM area achieved by industry and academia, as well as collaborative projects. The main topics addressed at the NEM Summit were Electronic media content, distributed media applications, new media delivery networks and network services, user devices and terminals, NEM enabling technologies. 

More than 400 participants of the NEM Summit 2008 discussed various issues related to the Future Media Internet at 14 parallel technical sessions, three plenary sessions, and during a plenary panel discussion. The papers presented at the Summit considered specific technical research topics, related particular problems to be solved in order to make Future Media Internet happen, and visions and concepts, on the high level, for the future of broad NEM area. Thus, the Summit ensured an opportunity for direct discussions among researchers and engineers working on different levels of development and realisation of the NEM future. Several topics were spontaneously deeply discussed, such as; future 3D media, relations between content creation and production, on one side, and its delivery over the networks and creation of relevant media applications using the content, on the other side, as well as relation of people lifestyles and future media applications.

Rethinking innovation - Joao da Silva, European Commission, speaking at the opening of the Summit.

More information about NEM Summit and its programme can be found at  

About the NEM Initiative

Set up in 2005, NEM is a European Technology Platform dedicated to Networked and Electronic Media. With more than 600 members, it is a large scale European industrial initiative to accelerate the pace of innovation through convergence between content creation, audiovisual, telecommunications and broadcasting, as well as information technologies sectors and to place the European industry in the forefront of the information era. NEM brings together industrial players and research institutes from more than 30 countries.

More information about NEM Initiative is available at

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