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P1656    Definition of an open and extendible IMS Client Infrastructure

D2 Specification of an open and extendible IMS client framework by defining an IMS client control layer functionality
Issue date:

April 2007

Confidentiality: Eurescom Study Programme confidential
Format: 1 volume  (26 pages)


This report identifies use cases, functional and operational requirements that are not yet covered by the existing standards to give guidance towards IMS Vendors as well as for standardization entities.

The main content of this deliverable covers the following IMS client framework aspects:

  • Extended Rich Communication Use Case

  • Service Enablers

  • Service Interaction

  • Media Control Capabilities & Codec support

  • Device / IMS Client Framework Management

  • Device Capability negotiation

  • MS Security Framework


The report addresses mostly product- and technical managers, but can also be informative for technical staff.

Archive: /~ftproot/deliverables-studies/documents/P1600-series/P1656