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P1654    Mobile Advertisement (M-Ads) – Spam threat or new opportunity?

D1 Mobile AdvertisementThreats and opportunities (report)
Issue date:

June 2007

Confidentiality: Eurescom Study Programme confidential
Format: 1 volume  (40 pages)


This report gives an overview of an emerging Mobile Advertisement (M-Ads) market. M-Ads are defined as the business of encouraging people to buy products and services using the mobile device as a medium to deliver the advertisement message. Some numbered predictions on the European market, as well as examples of players are given. It outlines the current market drivers and barriers, with special focus on end users’ acceptance. An M-Ads value chain is introduced, the competitive environment is presented and an analysis is given with two different scenarios in which the operator takes a conservative and more opportunistic path. In order to overcome SPAM through targeting, personalisation aspects are presented. The mechanics and user interfaces for delivering ads are presented as M-Ad spaces. Samples of existing commercialised and future spaces are given, and an analysis is performed to categorise and choose selected ad spaces. Some selected Ad spaces are subject to more in-depth analysis seen from the operator’s point of view on how to implement, and costs / benefits. Finally the findings are summarised in a conclusion.


Marketing personal, operations, developers and executives handling mobile (value added) services

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