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P1651    FANGS – Fibre in Access Network Greenfield Scenarios

D2 Techno-economic evaluation of PON and point-to-point Ethernet in green field scenarios
Issue date:

February 2007

Confidentiality: Eurescom Study Programme confidential
Format: 1 volume  (37 pages)


This report gives a techno-economic analysis of standardised access fibre solutions for Greenfield areas. A number of scenarios have been outlined and the most promising have been taken forward and analysed from cost and deployment perspective. This includes fibre solutions for individual houses and individual flats, depending on an imaginary housing state.

The main focus in this study has been on initial investments (CAPEX) and on the CAPEX comparison between broadband access technologies. The analysis does not utilise different settings of business case scenarios, but makes an overall cost comparison between PON, Ethernet active star and Ethernet home run. Separate considerations have been done with copper networks which represent a common technical solution for most of the cases.

Beside this modelling related research, technical and economical key drivers have been identified and outlined. The results of this study are not comparable to existing FTTH deployments due to recent performance and cost evolution trends in telecommunications.


Engineers, providing information for the implementation of FTTH solutions and product managers defining and optimising new services.

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