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P1651    FANGS – Fibre in Access Network Greenfield Scenarios

D1 Pure Fibre Solutions for Greenfield Drop Segments and the European Regulatory Environment
Issue date:

February 2007

Confidentiality: Eurescom Study Programme confidential
Format: 1 volume  (52 pages)


This Deliverable gives an overview of the technical solutions for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) - the technical characteristics, current standards, and constraints of passive optical network (PON) and Active Ethernet (AE) solutions. It aggregates technical information into a comprehensive overview document of PON and AE covering issues such as network topology, scalability, reach, service provisioning, CPE characteristics and availability. Fibre deployment techniques are also reviewed briefly. This work aims at giving guidelines as to what technological solutions are available, how they can be implemented, as well as their advantages, disadvantages and areas of application.

In addition, the deliverable reviews the regulatory situation with respect to FTTH, focusing primarily on Europe but also presenting the situation worldwide. A description is given on the regulatory situation in the study participant countries and also on the current status and eminent development on the European level. The regulatory issues in the USA where new fibre deployment in the local loop have been deregulated are briefly described and an overview of the regulatory situation in Japan and Korea is also given. Different technical options for unbundling are also discussed. The regulatory situation at a European level is unclear at the time of writing, causing confusion among industry players as incumbent operators lack incentive to invest in FTTx access networks. This is bound to introduce serious hurdles to Europe’s strive to become the world’s most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy by 2010.


Network planners in Telcos, technical people in access network departments, managers and decision makers in Telcos. People working on regulatory aspects in telcos.

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