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Study No. Study Title
Studies launched in 2010
P2057 Android OS Security Issues - the operator's view
P2056 Unified Standardisation Framework for Telecommunication Network Enablers
P2055 Virtual CPE
P2054 Energy Efficiency - Business opportunities for telecom operators
P2053 Dynamic Service Discovery and Use in a Cloud Environment
P2051 Opportunities and challenges for operators in the mobile cloud
Studies launched in 2009
P1957 Open API for M2M applications
P1956 Network Virtualisation - Opportunities and Challenges
P1955 CDN Interconnection
P1953 New opportunities for Telecommunication operators on privacy and identity management
P1952 IPv4 address exhaustion: Issues and Solutions for Service Providers
P1951 Networks for cloud computing and SaaS: weakness, strength and opportunities for operators
Studies launched in 2008
P1857 Ultra Flat Architecture for high bitrate services in fixed mobile convergent networks
P1856 Pre-study for European level M2M standardisation
P1855 Autonomic Computing & Networking – The operators’ vision on technologies, opportunities, risks and adoption roadmap
P1854 Implications of SIM cards with IP connectivity for Telecommunication operators
P1853 VoIP Interconnection Challenges
Studies launched in 2007
P1755 Potentials of P2P-SIP Architecture in Telecommunications
P1754 Regulation and the telecommunications infrastructure evolution in Europe
P1753 Understanding e-health and its promises for telcos
P1752 Game services, a financial manna for telcos
P1751 IMS 2.0 – Constitution of a Circle of Trust
Studies launched in 2006
P1657 Future Internet – the operators’ vision
P1656 Definition of an open and extendible IMS Client Framework
P1655 Mobile online gaming - from Tetris towards ubiquity?
P1654 Mobile Advertisement (M-Ads) – Spam threat or new opportunity?
P1653 M2M – Opportunities in new service paradigms
P1652 Service Oriented Architectures (SoA) for convergent Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs)
P1651 FANGS – Fibre in Access Network Greenfield Scenarios
Studies launched in 2005
P1559 VoIP Security
P1558 Community-enabled solutions
P1557 Fixed Mobile Convergence
P1556 Efficient and scalable distribution of on-demand streaming content
P1555 Sensor Telcos - new business opportunities
P1554 WiMAP - WiMAX for Mobile Applications
P1553 P2P-ISP: The impact of peer-to-peer networking on Internet service providers
P1552 Open source for Next Generation OSS - issues and challenges
P1551 Applications and Services beyoned ADSL2
Studies launched in 2004
P1448 Opportunities offered by Carrier Grade Multipoint Services
P1447 BISSLA – Business models and Service Level Agreements in open value chains
P1446 WiBAN - WiMAX in Backhaul and Access Networks
P1445 OSS for NGN - Coordination of Telco activities
P1444 NGN signalling with ENUM
P1443 TRAWIS: Traffic models for the new Wireless Services
P1442 New market opportunities by Galileo satellite services
P1441 ID Management Enabling AAA Services
Studies launched in 2003
P1350 Multi-application Smart Card Market Opportunities
P1349 Business Opportunities for Telecom Operators in the Grid market
P1348 SPEED: Strengthening Telco's Position in the Mobile Presence and Location aware services: European Interoperability for new market opportunities
P1347 Online Console Gaming is here - Will TelCos and ISPs be players?
P1346 Potential of RFID Technologies
P1345 Mobile Internet/Instant Messenger - the way to enrich our customers' world
P1344 Concepts for generic TelCo Application Servers in the various sub-domains of TelCo industries
P1343 European Certification for Mobile devices interoperability (cancelled)
P1342 Risk Management in Telecommunications
P1341 NGN Service Concepts
Studies launched in 2002
P1245 EASY - Ethernet based Access Networks Study
P1244 Homogeneous Infrastructures for Hot Spot Scenarios
P1243 Perspectives and Potentials of ebXML-standards for SMEs
P1242 Web Services Orchestration
P1241 CoolTown - like architectures and telecom networks
Studies launched in 2001
P1151 Security Aspects of DSL Always-On Services
P1150 E-voting - Opportunities and challenges for Network Operators
P1149 Impacts of emerging software techniques on telecommunication services

EXACT - Exploring ACTual ICT users and markets data

P1147 DIRECT - The potential of peer-to-peer interaction
P1146 GOLD - Getting OnLine communities to Develop
P1145 4G - the next frontier
P1144 The future CAMERA - Customers And Markets EURESCOM Research Activities
P1143 Perspectives for Future Work on IP-QoS Issues
P1142 Biosciences and ICT - two worlds growing together?
P1141 INRA - Issues associated with the implementation of ITU E.353 International Network Routing Addresses in public networks
Studies launched in 2000
P1047 Personal Nets - defining the concept
P1046 LUPA: Local provision of 3G and 3G+ services
P1045 WOMBAT (Where are the Other Mobile Buddies in my Town?)
P1044 Introduction of "Open Source" in Telecommunications
P1043 Participation Future Directions Workshop 2000
P1042 Access Network Services for Service Providers
P1041 Customer loyalty in the virtual world
P1040 Strategic Studies Programme Management Group 2000
Studies launched in 1999
P948 Portals as channels to the virtual world
P947 Impact of Information Overload
P946 Smart Devices - "When Things Start to Think"
P945 Always On - Being Continuously Present with the Customer
P944 Impact of PKI on the European Telecommunication Business
P943 Alternative methods for presenting charging information to users
P942 Assessment of Potential Techniques for Controlling the Access to European Reasearch and Educational Networks
P940 Strategic Studies Programme Management Group 1999
Studies launched in 1998
P848 What UMTS means to Operators and how we can facilitate its evolution
P847 What is TINA and is it useful for TelCos?
P846 What will we have OSS for in the Future?
P845 Agent Technology in perspective
P844 The impacts of Active Networks
P843 Cyberspace - the next frontier for the TelCos
P841 Strategic Study on the Impacts of a Multi-Network Infrastructure

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