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Eurescom Study Programme


The Eurescom Study Programme is a set of studies, which currently ten Eurescom members have agreed to undertake in a collaborative manner. The studies are selected and scheduled with the goal of giving the Study Programme subscribers a maximum return on investment for each individual study.

The opportunity to run short and focused studies has been part of Eurescomís service offer to its members for more than a decade. All study results are exclusively available to the Eurescom members subscribing to the Study Programme.

The Eurescom Study Programme is an efficient way of addressing topics of common interest and has over the years demonstrated its flexibility both in generating conclusions to specific topics and paving the way for larger collaborative efforts among the study partners.


If you are interested to join the Eurescom Study Programme, or if you would like to receive specific information on the process of proposing, selecting, and executing Eurescom studies, please contact:

Anastasius Gavras
Programme Manager
Phone: +49 6221 989 232

Luitgard Hauer
Management Assistant
Phone: +49 6221 989 405


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