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Virtual CPE
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Ádám Kapovits
Programme Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information

What is this Project about?

The current triple play architecture is based on a model in which complexity is located at the network edge in a Set Top Box and/or CPE (Custimer Premises Equipment). The main advantage of this solution is that it leaves operator's core and metro networks almost transparent to services.

However, the business case of such a solution has some serious issues. Within an always more competitive and tougher environment, one of the main stakes operators are facing is to lower costs, both from an investment and also from an operational point of view. Operators are also under pressure to improve their flexibility and speed up the roll out of new services. With the current CPE model the operator controls the L3 transport layer and is able to propose value-added services in customer's LAN. However this model suffers from a lack of flexibility since the box is a compromise between cost and performance, and might be hardware limited for any new additional service. Moreover, the number of hardware/software (firmware) combination can be very large and extremely difficult to manage, slowing down time to market.

The above outlined triple play architecture emerged from the features that DSL and the ATM silos based approach offered. Future massive fibre access deployment offers the opportunity to rethink overall access architecture. Considering network system evolution and virtualization techniques, it becomes possible both conceptually and technically to transfer functionality to the operator's network that up till now resided in the customer premises “boxes”. The new, disruptive multiplay access architecture based on CPE virtualisation would offer several advantages to operators by helping to reduce costs and improving broadband profitability, become more flexible and differentiate themselves from the competition while maintaining customer's LAN control and providing a service upgradable solution for future multiplay offers.

What are the main objectives of this Project?

The study shall investigate the opportunities in term of business economics and new services. The study should also analyse the potential impacts, both functional (e.g. upstream QoS, end to end availability) and operational (delivery chain, troubleshooting), but also impacts related to business model (integrated operator model, wholesale offers) and regulatory aspects. These impacts shall be analysed taking into account basic assumptions regarding the evolution of services in the LAN and a vision on the evolution of technologies.


Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Issue date
Virtual CPE (word document) D1 May 2011
 Virtual CPE (presentation) D2 May 2011