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Eurescom FP7 Management Support

Eurescom FP7 services

Professional support for FP7 research projects

Eurescom has two decades of experience in providing management support for collaborative European projects. This includes the Eurescom programme, the European Framework Programmes (FP5, FP6, and FP7) and the Celtic Eureka Cluster.

Eurescomís management support services enable FP7 project coordinators to focus on managing the general direction of the project and the research results, instead of administrative details. A major part of the administrative work on micro-management level can be performed by experienced personnel at Eurescom.

The services are provided for FP7 projects on the basis of sub-contracting. Our management support services are complemented by EuresTools, our modular suite of project management tools.

Please contact us at to discuss the management support services you need.

Our management support services include:

Resource management

Reporting and controlling support

Financial statement support

Information management

Web editing support

Deliverable support

Communication management

Mailing-list support

Audio conferencing support

Web conferencing support

Event support


Eurescom has been providing  management support services to a number of research projects in the Framework Programmes 5 (FP5), 6 (FP6), and 7 (FP7). See the list of current and past projects:
Eurescom EU Projects

Service fee

We offer our management support services to FP7 projects on a sub-contractual basis at a competitive fee. Our transparent and reliable price offer will allow you to include the management support services you require into the budget of your FP7 project proposal. Thus, our support services can be fully funded by the EC via a sub-contract when your project starts.


Please contact us via if you are interested in our management support services.