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Eurescom premises in HeidelbergEurescom, the European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications GmbH, is the leading private organisation for collaborative R&D in European telecommunications. For its members, the European Union, and other customers, Eurescom performs multinational research projects on networks, services, applications and further aspects of telecommunications. The core team in Heidelberg initiates R&D programmes, coordinates projects distributed across Europe, publishes their results, and organises R&D conferences.

Major European telecommunication network operators founded Eurescom in 1991 as a platform for collaborative R&D in order to combine resources and create synergies. Among the members of Eurescom are Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, and BT.

Eurescom can look back on a series of outstanding results, which had a major impact on Europe‘s telecommunications landscape. Eurescom made, for example, major contributions to the introduction of interoperable European ISDN, the design of today‘s network management systems, specifications in the Internet domain, and the development of new services and applications for mobile and fixed networks.

EU flagCurrently, Eurescom is involved in a number of European and global research initiatives, which have contributed to making communications technologies more effective and more user-friendly. Eurescom works as the secretariat for EUREKA Cluster Programme CELTIC, the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), and the Networked and Electronic Media Initiative (NEM). As a project partner, Eurescom participates in European projects, which research new media technologies (TA2), advanced home networking technologies (OMEGA), and federated testbeds for Future Internet technologies (PII). Beyond that, Eurescom has also an instrumental role in advancing the Future Internet via the European Future Internet Association (EFIA).

In addition, Eurescom manages private research for subscribing members in the Eurescom Study Programme.

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