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Arriving by plane

The recommended airport is Frankfurt which is approximately 80 km away from Heidelberg, i.e. less than one hour driving. Alternatives are Stuttgart (130 km), Strasbourg (120 km), Hahn (160 km; used by some airlines mainly from UK and Ireland) or Badenairpark (90 km, used by Ryanair and Air Berlin).

If you arrive at Frankfurt you have the following possibilities to continue to Heidelberg:

1) lufthansa.gif (3143 bytes)Lufthansa Airport Bus
Charges: one way
This Shuttle Bus is operated by Lufthansa and terminates at the
Hotel Crowne Plaza in Heidelberg. To proceed from there, usage of Taxi is recommended (costs app. € 8 duration 10 -15 minutes).
Timetable for Airport Bus service

Time table for Airport Bus service - Frankfurt/Hahn to Heidelberg

2) Limousine Service (TLS Minibus),
Price per journey is
€ 33,00;  Booking should be done in advance through Eurescom or directly TLS Transfer & Limousine Service: Tel. +49 6221  77 00 77, Fax: +49 6221 77 00 70
Note: You may encounter some delays which can be caused by late arrival of other passengers.

3) Taxis are available at Frankfurt/Airport
Price per journey is approximately € 120
Advice: fix the price before you take the Taxi
Special rate
90,00 (up to 6 passengers) on request
please ask Eurescom
or directly contact
Mr Drehsel - Taxi,
mobile: +49 171 77 34 533
Tel. +49 6221 38 32 90, Fax: +49 6221 38 32 90
Mr Drehsel accepts AMEX, VISA and MASTERCARD

4) Rented car
The per-day costs for rented (standard) cars are between
€ 80 to € 100. For more information please check Sixt or AVIS. If you take a car please see our map.

If you need assistance in planning your travel, please call us at +49 6221 989 0 or send us an e-mail

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